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VIP Listing

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The most detail included in your listing.

Do it yourself for the best savings.

All the Free stuff, plus…

  • Photos, You, Staff, Office
  • CV’s & Resumes
  • Sample Reports Displayed


  1. The VIP LISTING offers any provider and supportive service to list their firm, practice or company on our site for a very low cost.
  2. The VIP LISTING offers so much more information about you and your business than any of the other directories that merely have a name and maybe a current phone number.
  3. You must be part of the workers’ compensation or personal injury industry, or a service provider to these industries to create a listing. All non-relevant listings are not published.  If you provide services in other MedLegal or Medico/Legal industries your listing will be considered carefully and we are open to other forensic areas such as medical malpractice or other injury and accident medlegal niches.


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